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Daily Tours in Istanbul


Pamukkale, directly translated at the “Cotton Castle,” is home to cascading white cliffs and shallow swimming holes. This area is now a world heritage site and visitors can enjoy a relaxing day roaming the natural terraces and bathing in the crystal clear pools.

Hierapolisis an ancient city with a mix of Pagan, Roman, Jewish, and Christian influences. It has become a popular spa city over the years as it still remains a special place where people come to cure or treat their aching ailments.

The Grand Theater of Hierapolisis one of the main attractions of the city’s ruins. The theatre used to house up to 15,000 and what you see today is the steep passageways and aisles that once led down to the main stage.

The Gymnasium was once a gathering place for people to socialize during Roman times. It was the place for athletes to show off their skills and was also used as a training facility.

Istanbul to Pamukkale
-Pick up from accommodation in Istanbul early AM and transfer to the airport
-1-hour flight to Denizli where our crew will be waiting for you
-1-hour transfer to Pamukkale where your full-day tour will begin

Pamukkale to Istanbul
-Transfer from Pamukkale back to Denizli airport
-Flight to Istanbul
-Pick up from the airport to your accommodation in Istanbul

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